Business Support Services

You’re growing your business. You are working hard to bring it all together and oftentimes an added hand would really be beneficial to accomplishing your goals. One of the key factors in running a successful business is staffing.

Employees are the greatest overhead cost and oftentimes companies will run with minimum or no staff to avoid high cost. This puts pressure on your ability to get things done. Hiring a staff for what may be a temporary situation is not the best option and may cost you more than you make in the long-term.

Temporary staff need training and can cause customer satisfaction issues through poor standards and poor work ethic.

Our business support services are customized to your needs so you can have peace of mind that your “stuff” is taken care of.

We have a vast array of business and office experience, common sense, and great ideas. Let us help you stay on track, catch up, gain new clients, and build your business.

Imagine having a multi-skilled resource pool of people who you could call on to do a vast range of duties. This could include business or corporate services as well as personal services.

Don’t forget the great advantage you have. You choose how much you want to delegate to us and for how long. So you have complete control of the cost and you pay for what you need to get the job done.


  • Flexible plans
  • Reliable specialists
  • Confidentiality
  • Dependable help
  • More time to focus on your vision
  • Increased efficiency

List of Business Support Services (examples)

  • Administrative services
  • Mailing invitations
  • Client greeting service
  • Document preparation
  • On-site organizational services
  • Banking service
  • Data entry
  • Information brokerage; research and reporting
  • Mailing campaigns
  • Ordering and shipping of premium gifts to clients
  • Reminder service
  • Logo design
  • Website maintenance
  • Address change updates
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Payment collections
  • Bill payment
  • Ordering and delivering of business supplies
  • Sorting and categorizing of receipts
  • Spreadsheet data entry
  • Client calls (making & receiving)
  • Function as business representative
  • Expo support
  • And more……

If you are interested and want to get started contact us today.

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