Coaching Programs

We have designed specific coaching programs for business owners who want to increase sales, cut cost, and develop a better way to operate their business more successfully. You will refocus your energy for growing your business and enjoy the benefit.

Services and Benefits

Business Consulting;

We analyze your business in sessions with you. The analysis gives you a third party professional view of your business

Business Coaching;

We work with individuals to draw out what is already within them. We do this in a workshop format with individuals and groups. Learn more about our Success Series.

Business Planning;

We assist you as consultants to

  • Establish a process for operating your business
  • Define your product/service & how you will offer them to clients
  • Define your pricing model
  • Define who will do the work
  • Plan for human resources
  • Plan for record keeping, bookkeeping etc.
  • Design a marketing strategy – processes to get and keep customers
  • Devise action plans
  • Services and Benefits

Social Media Consulting;

We work with you as a consultant to establish a business presence on the web e.g.

LinkedIn Profile; Professional network for business professionals (largest professional network in the world)

Face Book Profile; social networking site

Twitter Profile; social networking site

Practical ideas on how to use features and how to integrate them in getting leads for your business


Each session is 1.5 hours long

Strategy is explained in detail by the workshop facilitator during the session with life application suggestions and examples

Practical hand-outs outline information for later reference

Questions are answered to help you understand the concepts and how to apply them in your business

After session phone advice is available

Group and individual sessions are available

Individual face to face or phone session available as needed.

You can call (919) 606-7016 to schedule your appointment

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