True Colors Training

True Colors® is a personality inventory system that uses colors as metaphors for understanding human characteristics. By using colors to identify personality types, you will have at your disposal a quick and fun way to better understand friends, relatives, coworkers, and anyone else with whom you come into contact. This is a great tool with which to support your personal and professional relationships through better communication and respect for people’s uniqueness.

Benefits of True Colors® Training

  • Provides your employees with the opportunity to recognize their own potential, strengths and professional development needs.
  • Helps employees recognize and encourage potential and strengths in others.
  • Teaches staff how to bridge communication gaps, leading to respect and understanding for themselves and others.
  • Opens doors to successful professional and personal relationships and creates a climate for effective team building, increased effectiveness and workplace harmony.

Training can be customized for your group needs and interests (e.g. teaching, conflict resolution, team building.).

Length of Training

  • stand-alone session – typically 3 to 4 hours
  • integrated into a full day of team building – typically 2 to 4 hours

Number of participants: Up to 30 participants at one time

Cost of Training

Stand-alone session: one group of up to 30 participants – $500 facilitator fee and cost of materials ($15 per participant)

Integrated session: one group of up to 30 participants = $2,500 plus cost of materials ($15 per participant), This is a full day of True Colors and team building activities.

This includes all travel expenses, facilitator fees, and program design within the greater Raleigh area. Additional travel cost apply outside of the greater Raleigh area.

To schedule True Colors training for your group, call (919)606-7016 and send a message using the form below.

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