Incorporation services

We provide incorporation services nationwide

Legitimize your business, protect your personal assets and enjoy possible tax savings. We help you incorporate your business or form an LLC, register it with the Department of Secretary of State, Obtain a Federal Tax ID number, and more.

Our services include:

  • Name research and State registration
  • Licensing research as applicable
  • Federal registration under appropriate category
  • Customized organizational bylaws, minutes, resolutions, & certificates
  • Registered agent service

You can use your documents to open business bank accounts; it easily validates your business credibility.

You can use your kit  it as a reference to review roles and responsibilities of corporate oficers, organizational members and managers and more…

You can use your kit to store and reference important corporate or organization documents all in one place.

Your kit includes:

  • Stylish, Rich Cordova leather-grained vinyl Binder and Slipcase
  • Padded binder imprinted with ‘corporate Records’, ‘Limited Liability Company Records’, or ‘Estate Planning Documents’ in gold print on front cover
  • Popular 1 5/8″ D shaped rings in binder outer spine measures 2″ wide
  • Thumb cuts on slipcase for easy use
  • Index tabs – Mylar reinforced (6)
  • Embossing Seal w/vinyl storage pouch
  • Fits easily in pocket, binder or briefcase
  • Solid steel construction
  • Your kit includes
  • Full certificate set blank, custom printed, with cancellation stubs
  • Transfer Ledger sheets
  • Detailed organization bylaws, minutes and articles of incorporation or organization.
  • Corporate account applications and approved account numbers
  • Consulting session with our experienced business consultants about your business form

To place on order contact our office at 919-606-7016 or contact us using the form below.

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